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shadowwalkersrise sent: Hi, My names Tasha. My main ship is spitfire, & FredXHermione. My first fandom was KND(Kids Next Door) but it was probably something else before that, I just can't remember. I am shy and are usually always on anon. XD I love to write, and cook. I cosplay. I follow you because your awesome. :P Okay no really. I like what you repost, your funny, and an amazing writer so cool stories. :D And.. to unfollow you.. umm.. I do not know.. completely switch your personality? Or block me I guess. D: ~Cya

Hello there my wonderful Tasha! Your icon makes me smile, it’s really adorable. :D WASN’T KND FANTASTIC!? I loved that show. OmG and then the finale killed me. Awww, you shouldn’t be shy. I’ve seen your name a few times already. :D Never shy away from asking me things. <3 

Writing is my outlet! AND AW YOU COSPLAY? I love cosplaying. :D Who have you done before?? 

You think I’m funny…I always worry that people think I’m just being dumb or unfunny and lame and this made my day. :D 

I would never block you. You are too nice to block. 

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