I believe in happy endings ;-;

Because they are exactly where they should be. They have a solid relationship, but still hold the same elements that they had 5 year ago. This is beautiful, and I just want to hold on to this moment forever because you can tell just how happy they are together. It’s beyond the idea that they are still together after 5 years. They are still together and happy, still all over each other, still banter, still playful…they’ve just matured a bit. Why would they act any different than this if they are in love? Their conversation still had the spitfire in it. Did you honestly think that Artemis would bend and just do his homework for him? No, she reminds him that he’s out of luck and Wally knows better. But it gets better because Artemis is there for him and she knows what makes him happy. She looks so proud to have the fridge stocked with all of his favorites. She knows him so well now, and is so comfortable and flawless around him. She saunters up to him in nothing, but a jersey with offerings of food. She doesn’t do anything particularly mushy, she does something that she knows he’ll love. There’s meaning behind these little things. God…I wish I had more time to analyze this scene because the more I look at it…the more perfect and realistic it is. This is serious guys…they’ve likely lived together for a while now and it must have been a journey (because those cook books on the kitchen counter speak about 5 years of a relationship…from cooking experiments to cooking together). I’m okay with the fact that they decided to do a little downtime to get their education together. And my god…the boy is learning Vietnamese! Is he trying to really impress Paula? Because…man is he doing a good job. Maybe not even so much to impress her…but to really show that he’s completely invested in her daughter. Because she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and I am so happy that these two can have a happy ending. 

I will say this, I do miss them in action, but with all the development that happened in this episode…they will be back. Artemis is still a BAMF…she will not refrain from kicking someone in the face. And Wally, if he got involved with the whole Roy thing…I feel confident that we will see him breaking some type of barrier in his sneakers. 

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    This is legit Omgggg, these two are so precious
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    Of all the spitfire reactions, this is the first one to make me honestly tear up.
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    even the Joker approves.
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    Omg I just read this at work and had to struggle to keep it together. This is beautiful and exactly how I feel. Thank...
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    I agree with just about everything you’ve said here. I love, love, LOVE that all this happened in today’s episode, and I...